Welcome to the Transformation Age!

Transpersonal Training & Metaphysical fitness are about YOU transforming trauma, addiction, Heartache, Back Pain, suffering, Weight Issues & stress as you~ "Grow Younger, Wiser, healthier, Happier & Sexier" ~ living, Learning & loving your life as a co-regulating Couple or self regulating single

My Mission


Is to guide, counsel and train you and your partner to be, feel, look and move as biologically younger, psychologically healthier & happier people...who "Grow Young Together". We'll do this through scientifically & spiritually guided, artistically creative improved exercise, eating, supplementation, sexual & multidimensional playful practices & habits. You'll love the joy and excitement of ever-increasing Intimacy & Romance through what I call the 5C's of being "Fit For Love" coregulation, commitment, connection, communication & cooperation! 

You don't stop playing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop playing!

Experience and Professionalism


 My journey to serve you began over 40 years ago when I was 12yr. old artistic nerd whose father had died 8yrs earlier, as a civilian, saving kids from a fire. I was dragged to the gym to learn to box by my uncle, my mother's brother, who was also ex-military. He once defeated Jake Lamotta, was ranked 3rd in the world and was friends with Rocky Marciano. When I was 16, I lost my mother (she was 55).  I later lost my younger brother at 37 who alcoholically drank through, not one but two kidney transplants. I later realized the fight she bravely lost wasn't to cancer nor my brother's to alcoholism or kidney failure. Those, like most diseases, diabetes (which my grandmother after having both legs amputated passed from, were symptoms and shadows we fight losing battles against. Living and training in China and Japan I found the real issue we face is an inability of our system to deal with (di)stress, especially due to attachment trauma, as we age and our (Chi/libido) hormones and immune systems decline. I noticed as well it's easier for people to gain weight and harder to lose it, easier to get sick and harder to recover as they age. This is often perpetuated  by crippling emotional trauma that also impedes our ability to create and sustain healthier habits. This is exacerbated by and often contributes to a lack or loss of love, intimacy, romance and the truly healing habits and practices you must obtain and maintain that create, increase and support your healthspan (your highly functional joyous life, doing what you love with who you love free from pain, discomfort and disease, physical, mental and emotional!) My time in Asia provided me with  understanding and discipline, a type of Spiritual Chivalry when married with my own seeking and studies of the teachings of Jesus, Rumi, Joseph Campbell, Osho and others while deeply honoring the Feminine & Divine Goddess. This is merged with relentless studies of neuroscience, psychology, telomeres, attachment theory and nutrition. I am deeply honored by and committed to participating in your seeing and being better than your best for yourself and those you love!!

Your Inside Out Practice


In my practice I specialize in and settle for nothing less than World Class Wellness & High End Health for those I serve who demand such for themselves. I spent years in the High End Spas of Miami Beach witnessing what is expected of exemplary service for those whose wellbeing and lifestyles created livelihoods for others. I've also worked in a High End Addiction Clinic so I understand we are all human and can and will at some point require help to grow, not only beyond who we've been but beyond who we, or others, believed we could. Now 53, the  most important thing I realize is that if anything we learn is to be  beneficial long term, (think New Year's Resolutions) it must essentially be neurobiologically downloaded and constantly  upgraded in our mind according to how long and how well we want to live and love. I've learned to make this both a FUN, playful &  compassionate practice process you'll love no matter what you've been  through or will go through. This happens because you're always learning  about and to accept and understand YOU, who and how you've been and why.  Your mistakes and failures are, not only welcomed, they're recycled, transformed, maybe cried about but usually and eventually chuckled at  "by you" as you realize it's all a necessary part of your process. We uproot your rocks and weeds and plant and nurture seeds that feed you as  you go and grow younger and healthier (build muscle/lose fat/gain heart, spirit & soul), with and as growth based partners if you have  one or prepare for one. You must become who you want to attract! 


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