BEcome an INWARD WARRIOR ~ an Emotional & Mental Wellness Warrior

BEcome an INWARD WARRIOR ~ an Emotional & Mental Wellness Warrior

BEcome an INWARD WARRIOR ~ an Emotional & Mental Wellness WarriorBEcome an INWARD WARRIOR ~ an Emotional & Mental Wellness Warrior

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What is Self ManageMENT? & What are Driver’s Life Sense & DUI's?

  Ever wonder why we keep trying to mop up the flood on the floor (symptom)-
Creating better and better mops and water removal devices (pills & surgeries)
While neglecting to turn off the faucet (problem)??

 First off whenever you see the suffix MENT, know it usually means Mind!
DevelopMENT – develop Mind
SuppleMENT – supply Mind
GovernMENT – govern Mind
EnvironMENT – your Mind epigenetically interacts  with what's in your living area.
So Self ManageMENT is your capacity to monitor, manage & modulate (upgrade)

 your Mind ~ thoughts, feelings, moods, urges & behaviors~

Your Mind manages the flow of your internal & external (environMENTal)
energy and information received and given off to & with people, animals, plants and more.

*93% of your energy & information is picked up unconsciously 'beyond words'
which are only 7% of what is consciously acknowledged by other sentient beings.

Let's look at your Self manageMENT aka Human Operating System's purpose...

We'll call this your Driver’s Life Sense
Think of your Mid-Prefrontal Cortex (MPFC) as the Driver- the Steering.
When working well, free from trauma and/or lack of developmMENT in (MPFC & VN)
…it steers you into wise and beneficial, thoughts, feelings, moods, urges and behaviors
and out of unwise and harmful thoughts, feelings, moods, urges and behaviors.
Think of saying and doing the right thing in a difficult situation…
Postponing the piece of chocolate cake til your cheat day…
Getting up and doing your training or work when you least want to…

*Most important~ your MPFC plants the seeds

 (creates new conscious & subconscious neurons & connections

representing- the 95% of who you are & what you do daily) 

in your unconscious for future ways of BEing!

Your mind monitors, manages & modulates your operating system’s MENTal-
Acceleration – (SNS) sympathetic nervous system –

movement (to git r done)- as well as fight/flight/ delight.

It is your Brakes –  (PNS Parasympathetic ) Vagus Nerve (VN)

helping you rest/digest/relax/recover & tend/ befriend.

Aside from that your Mid Prefrontal Cortex has areas that can (and can be developed to)
(Re)Assess, (Re)label, and (Re)frame present, past and future thoughts, feelings, moods,
behaviors and experiences. It can calm fears, anxiety, worry and depression.

(Did you know your brain has a negativity bias & ego defenses that cause this?)

Yet as Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the things you look at
the things you look at change.”…by healing what heals you - you change yourself..
You literally replace old negative neurons (brain cells/habits) and connections

with new Positive Neurons (habits) that represent and ARE the new or reborn YOU.
For there to be a NEW YOU in this NEW Year

you need NEW Neurons to represent that NEW YOU!
You "can" change our/your and THE past as well as our/your present and future!!

Say Good-bye to these "Symptoms" of Pain, Suffering &~ Di-STRESS:

Aging...Slowed or Reversed!

Drinking Habit...GONE!

Drugging Habit... GONE!

Smoking Habit...GONE!

Eating  Disorder...GONE!

Negative Self Talk... GONE!

Anger Issue...GONE!

Excess Body fat...GONE!

Happy, Healthy, Loving, Mindful, Younger YOU- Present!

Ready, Willing & Able!!

How? Why?

New Neurons & Connections 

= New YOU!!
Make sense? 

So how do you do that? How do you Self Monitor, Self Manage & Self Modulate?...
…to change your past, your present, your future!
Through the deliberate Compassionate, PLAYFUL, FUN AUMM Gym practice

(Active Urge & Mood ManageMENT)  - [meditation is  passive]

- you can set up right now, right in your home or office

...all you need is a door, a couch and a floor!

How do you do it?
Through what I call the DUI System (which keeps you from getting DUI’s!)
You PLAY (and it is play) and practice with the things your system  (until now) hated most
You  PLAY WITH...incrementally adapt and adjust to relative, monitored and measured
Discomfort, Distress
Instability & Uncertainty
to build MENTal/Spiritual Muscle aka Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence

We develop (heal) your MidPrefrontal Cortex & Vagus Nerve aka
…the New Neurons and Connections that represent the New and improved you
that overcomes, our and society’s major challenges…
Addiction, Disease, Poverty, Violence from lack of Connection, Communication & Intimacy
which are “ALL” symptoms of lack of Self ManageMENT!

Ready to Play, have fun & BE great?

Let's talk... I'm here to hear you!


A bit about Billy Sunday..

..and yes I was, at birth, named after the Evangelist Preacher Billy Sunday! 

~the perfect name for a guy who "was" a bulimic exotic dancer ;-) ~

My journey to serve you began over 40 years ago when I was a 12yr. old artistic nerd whose father died 8yrs earlier, as a civilian, saving kids from a fire. 

I was dragged to the gym to learn to box by my uncle Norman Hayes, my mother's brother. He once defeated Jake Lamotta though he lost this rematch. -> . He was ex military, ranked 3rd in the world and was friends with Rocky Marciano. When I was 16, I lost my mother to cancer (she was 55).  I later lost my younger brother who at 37 alcoholically drank through, not one but two kidney transplants. I later realized the fight she bravely lost wasn't to cancer nor my brother's to alcoholism or kidney failure. Those, like most diseases, diabetes (which my grandmother after having both legs amputated passed from), were symptoms ...

subconscious shadows we all in ways fight losing battles against. 

Performing & training in China and Japan I found the real issue we face is an inability of our system to deal with (di)stress, especially due to attachment trauma, as we age and our (Chi/libido) hormones and immune systems decline. I noticed as well it's easier for people to gain weight and harder to lose it, easier to get sick and harder to recover as they age. This is often perpetuated  by crippling emotional trauma that also impedes our ability to create and sustain healthier habits. It's exacerbated by and often contributes to a lack or loss of ability to feel or give love, intimacy, romance and the truly healing habits and practices you must obtain and maintain that create, increase and support your healthspan. (Your healthspan is your highly functional joyous life,

 doing what you love with who you love free from pain, 

discomfort and disease, physical, mental & emotional!) 

My time in Asia provided me with understanding and discipline, a type of Spiritual Chivalry when married with my own seeking and studying the teachings of Jesus, Rumi, Joseph Campbell, Osho & others while deeply honoring the Feminine & Divine Goddess. This I merged w/relentless studies of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Polyvagal Theory, addiction, attachment/trauma, telomeres, psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology, nutrition & supplementation. I've also embraced & employed aspects of CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)/ DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)/ MI (Motivational Interviewing)/  ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) as well as Schema Therapy & Ego Adaptation all while appreciating AA and what it's done for so many for so long.

~I am deeply honored by and committed to participating in your seeing and being better than your best for yourself and those you love!!

Additional Info

In my practice I specialize in and settle for nothing less than the  deep practice of World Class Wellness & High End Health for those I serve who demand such for themselves. I spent years in Entertainment, esp. in China & Japan, then after understanding, as with myself,  the pain of those frequenting clubs, transitioned to the Healing Arts. Upon return to the States, I managed & trained in High End Spas of Miami Beach then witnessing what is expected of exemplary service for those whose wellbeing and lifestyles supported livelihoods for others. My clients were executives, high end real estate people and ultimately, as well, psychologists & psychotherapists. I eventually tested my process & practice in a High End Addiction Clinic finding we are all human and can and will at some point require help to grow, not only beyond who we've been but beyond who we, or others, believed we could. 



Your Inside Out Practice

  A bad habit, worse an ADDiction, is something you *can not - not* do. 

ADD & ADHD occur because you have not found what you love~ to focus on~

to invest your attention and energy in. Both Addiction and ADD are themselves phantoms of the limbic system. Since action follows BEing this means in not doing what you love you cannot be BEing who you truly are. 

This is your soul starving ~in Divine Discontent, Sacred Longing, 

Existential Agony from not being wired for "WHY" you're here,

from not living in Alignment with your Purpose,  your Sacred Assignment.

The symbol above means patience & perseverance under duress. It literally means even with a knife at your heart you continue to do what you are called, meant, anointed, Spiritually Assigned to do! As Rumi says, "No agony, no ecstasy!".. no birth without the discomfort of it. Yet as Florence Scovell Shinn, Neville Goddard & Wallace D. Wattles through Scripture, Scrolls (the teachings of Jesus) and that of many  Eastern Masters (ie Buddha) have alluded's all by  "Divine Design" a "Game". It's all Lila, God's Game as the ancient Hindus called it. You don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing... stop growing, stop learning, stop loving.

There's no word for retirement in Hebrew...

This is also the key to "Reversing Aging"!! 

 Never stop playing! In the Hebrew there is no word for retirement, retired mind. Your  Vagus Nerve calms you thru your Midprefrontal Cortex which monitors, manages and modulates your mind amidst the Maya, the illusion of "appearances"... the symptoms of dis-ease, pain, poverty and addiction which are cured by you connected to Source (religare) living in Alignment with your Sacred Assignment. In doing so you achieve the byproducts of health & wealth thru discerning wisdom & service. Your body remains young, strong, supple & sexy and your mind wise & clear! The "Pad Play" and preparatory exercises of The AUMM Gym are designed to help you thrive as you confidently live this! 

 Now at age 54, the  most important thing I realize is that if anything we learn is to be  beneficial long term, (think New Year's Resolutions), it must essentially be neurobiologically downloaded and constantly  upgraded in our mind. I've learned to make this a FUN, playful &  compassionate practice process you'll love no matter what you've been  through or will go through. This happens because you're always learning  about and to accept and understand YOUrself, who and how you've been and why.  Your mistakes and failures are fertilizer! They are not only welcomed, they're recycled, transformed, (maybe cried about) but usually and eventually chuckled at (by you) as you realize it's all a necessary part of your process. We uproot your psychological rocks and weeds then plant and nurture seeds that feed you as  you grow younger and healthier (build muscle/lose fat/gain heart, spirit & soul).  Best of all is when you do this in a growth based partnership you're in or are  preparing for ~because for health, love & wealth you must become what you want to attract & retain! 


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