Billy  Sunday Mars is the Bay Area’s Mixed “Marital” Arts Master who inspires a  deep level of trust in everyone he meets. Marrying Eastern Arts with  Western Neurobiology, he teaches self defense against self destructive,  self defeating, self sabotaging habits that hurt us and our  relationships.  

If you ever get a chance and have the privilege of working with Bay Area’s Billy Sunday Mars- either at one of his workshops or directly one to one- like me, you  will be impressed by: his generosity, his exceptional intelligence; a  sensitivity combined with quiet strength; his adept facilitation and  agile leadership, when our lives become more and more challenging. He  gives way to a unique brand of story telling, that leaves each person  feeling empowered to do what they have set out to do, but have avoided  for so long.

You can feel so much better- no matter how wounded, betrayed and broken hearted you might feel by life or in relationships. 

Billy  Mars creates and provides a safe quality-space founded by his  compassionate stance;  his generous leadership invites positive change  to be steady making dreams that much more accessible, whether or not you  happen to be a leader in your field, or someone who previously felt  more in need of healing the broken hearted places or physical  challenges.

I consider him a great ally and someone I rely on as a community speaker and leader for both community and professional events.

-Ilene Wolf, LMFT for 35 years, Specializing in Authentic Relationship Counseling Internationally and in the Bay Area;

Winner  of The California Marriage and Family Therapist Educator Award (2012);  Stanford Trained Interventionist in Working with Local Communities in  Conflict  

“Billy Sunday Mars is an amazing blend of East meets West. He combines spirituality, science, and sexuality in a master mix that is sure to get you Fit For Love!” —John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From

“A grandmother of six, I am now able to move in ways that I haven’t for twenty years. He is helping me get my flexible, dancing body back. And people are complimenting me about being in shape. I feel like a sexy woman again.” —Kathy K.

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